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Latex Care

​​​​​​​Care instructions for your rubber pants

Our latex is 100% natural and therefore needs special care. Through our care instructions you will learn how to best care for your rubber pants.

We recommend to rinse the pants with lukewarm water. Do not leave the rubber pants in a water bath for a longer period of time. For cleaning you can use our special detergent for rubber and latex. You can also use a mild shampoo or a fat-free dishwashing detergent. Rinse the pants thoroughly so that there is no detergent left on the pants. Then hang the rubber pants on a hanger to dry. Do not be shocked if the diaper pants have white spots. These are caused by the water and disappear as soon as the pants are absolutely dry. Turn the pants over after a while. This will ensure that the material actually dries and does not stick together anywhere.


After the rubber pants are completely dry, it is best to lightly powder the inside and outside of the pants with a fine talcum powder. You can find suitable powders here.

Powdering prevents the material from sticking together, especially for pants without surface coating.

It is best to store your latex pants in a dark and dry place. Protect the pants from strong heat and light influences.

Especially in summer, when ozone levels are high, it is recommended to store the pants in an airtight plastic bag.

What can harm the latex

Surface coating prevents many things, but not everything. Household oils, mechanical oils, fats and solvents can cause severe damage to your rubber pants.
Also metal, jewellery, including pennies etc. cause brown stains on the latex. Do not place the pants in direct sunlight.