Rubber Pants with wide thigh bands - Blue

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Comfortable rubber pants with wide leg cuffs. They are suitable for wearing thicker diapers, or they offer enough room for an ostomy bag. The rubber diaper covers are made in a delicate natural blue latex.
Waist band is 3 cm / 1.2'' and thigh bands are 2.5 cm / 1'' wide. Crotch width is 25 cm / 9.8''. The side seam at an M size measures 29 cm / 11.4''.

Material: Gauge: 0.33 mm /0.012'', Waist and thigh bands: 1.2 mm / 0.047''
ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 certificate

Weight 0.15kg
Product Code A03020
Brand Inkoswiss

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French Incontinent Guy
from Paris
"Pros :
- Feel : very discreet, you do not feel anyhing except the diaper itself. The material is very soft.
- Cut : there is a lot of room for the diaper, and the elastic bands are neither too loose to allow leaks, nor too tight to cause discomfort
- Aesthetics : it is not the primary concern with incontincence products, but if you must wear some daily it does nut hurt to have something beautyful. And a bit "kinky" as they say on the package. This product is definitely both.
- Containment : the rubber bands have no frills, and seem to be leakage proof
- Stealth : there is a light rubber smell, but there is no chance anyone around you will notice. Or that person is seriuously ino rubber, and wille tell no one :)

Cons :
- Noise : Since this product is made of rubber, there is a light squishing sound when walking, but manageable.
- Price : Twice the price of an average PVC diaper cover.

Conclusion : An expensive diaper cover, but well worth the price. Comfortable, reliable, beautyful. In one word : outstanding."