Rubber Pants with wide thigh bands - Natural

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This latex diaper pants is suitable for wearing slightly thicker diapers. The wide leg cuffs prevent leakage and inconvenience. The rubber diaper pants are made in a delicate natural latex.
Waist band is 3 cm / 1.2'' and thigh bands are 2.5 cm / 1'' wide. Crotch width is 25 cm / 9.8''. The side seam at an M size measures 29 cm / 11.4''.

Material: Gauge: 0.33 mm /0.012'', Waist and thigh bands: 1.2 mm / 0.047''
ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 certificate

Weight 0.15kg
Product Code A03010
Brand Inkoswiss

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